Juneathon Day 5. Can I give up yet?

So today was the first day I didn’t want to go for a run. Busy day, over excited kittens, cheesed off big cat – you know how it goes. Got back home and put on my trainers at 8 pm. It was still light, and gorgeous to be out. A slow and easy 3 miles, my legs soon shut up and plodded along so my head could enjoy the space. I’m glad I didn’t give up today.

Kittens preparing for a pincer attack

2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 5. Can I give up yet?”

  1. Well done on getting out there 🙂

    PS if your kittens go missing, it wasn’t me *hides fluff balls in mountain of shoeboxes*

    1. They wouldn’t hide for very long! I could do with a kitten sitter though, to play with them whilst I get on with the decorating. Any takers???

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