Juneathon Day 25. Mange Tout Overload

My daughter told me at breakfast that she needed her skort for sports day today. I pointed at the washing machine, at that point full of water, bubbles, and sports gear (including her skort). Whoops.

I quickly made a plan that meant as soon as the skort was clean and dry I would cycle over to her school and drop it off. Brilliant – sports day saved AND Juneathon done in one fell swoop.

I was still congratulating myself on this cunning plan an hour later when my daughter rang from school to say her best friend was going to lend her her skort to save me the trip. Nice idea but grrrrr!

So Juneathon today was another trip to the allotment. I cycled despite planning on digging potatoes, and picking mange tout and lettuce. I watered, I picked, I dug. I cycled bank home with half a hundredweight of mange tout peas. A win-win situation.

Mission accomplished.

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