Juneathon Day 12. Tired legs, lambs and a sweaty chest

Out for a longer, easy run today. After Sunday’s race and yesterday’s tight calves I figured I’d just go slow, keep my heart rate down, and enjoy the plod.  Great plan,  but half way round I realised my legs were feeling tired and heavy, I was thirsty (having not taken a drink with me), and it was really muggy.

Sensibly I cut off one last loop of my run and headed for home.  6.75 miles in 1:14 which included time taking some photos.

Photos,  you say?  Well if you insist. There’s the one of the most pampered sheep in the world showing why she’s been quite so fat.  Yes she does live in a front garden,  and I have seen her stood on the doorstep leaning on the door before now.

Pampered sheep
Pampered sheep

Then there’s the really pretty flowers growing in the verge

Flowery Verge
Flowery Verge

And lastly,  am I the only person who manages to have a sweat mark on their chest in such a random place?

sweaty chest

4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 12. Tired legs, lambs and a sweaty chest”

  1. That’s definitely some random sweating going on there B&T (thinks .. I thought I was told ladies only ‘glow’? ….). First I thought it might be from your HRM. Then I decided it’s where you wipe your hand. If not, then it must be the only bit of your running top that’s sticking to you! 😉

    1. Mel – I think it must be from under my HRM – I can think of no other reason! I didn’t have a drink with me otherwise I’d have assumed I’d dribbled!

      I think ladies glow – but running ladies most definitely sweat!!

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