Juneathon Day 12. End of the run streak

So my plan to run every day in June came to a staggering halt today. I’m blaming it on my car.

The day started with the two carpet fitters arriving (to finish putting in the new carpet) at the same time as the builder (to slice millimeters off the bottom of all our doors so that they will close on said new carpet). It continued with a feverish sorting out of rooms ready for the large amount of family that were coming to stay with us in a few short hours.

All was going according to plan, until I stated making up beds with fresh linen and discovered I had run out of double sheets. Checking the time I jumped in the car, confident I could still finish my jobs and pop out for a run. Then my car started misbehaving, so I had to limp back home, grab husband’s car and head out again.

By the time I made it back home, our guests had arrived and the window of opportunity for a run had closed. My run streak has therefore officially stalled, but Juneathon still lives as I’m counting the walk to the pub and back.

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