Juneathon Day 11. Technology ganging up on me

Technology ganged up on me today to try and sabotage my Juneathon activity.

The day went well, the builders crashed and banged, I took my Dad (and Mum of course) out for an early Father’s Day treat, and I was looking forward to my evening run. Then the ultimate in multitasking. Cooking dinner, whilst talking to the man who’d come to sort out the satellite dish (which hadn’t worked since the builders moved it yesterday), whilst answering the phone to the man who’s going to come and sort out the woodworm, whilst waiting for a callback about our non-existent broadband (argh!), whilst placating teenager who needed Internet access to complete course work that is due in tomorrow. When the risotto was finally cooked, I sat down with the children and ate. It was delicious and I was half way through before I remembered my planned predinner run. Ooops.

I finished my dinner, checked Sky was working, spoke to Mr Woodworm, got my bike out and cycled up to the allotment to do some watering instead. Technology nil, Black and Tabby 1!

2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 11. Technology ganging up on me”

  1. I’m exhausted just reading that. And I’m now thinking of “The Gasman Cometh” (search for “Lego gasman cometh” on YouTube … once your technology is back)

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