Janathon Day 5. A step back

Yesterday I was all excited about ‘training like an elite’. Today I
appear to be limping like an elite. One of the exercises that felt strange obviously worked a muscle in a way it wasn’t meant to (or hadn’t been for a long time) and today it was feeling tight and a little sore.  I decided it was wise to forego my chance of a long run and to do something else for Janathon instead. It was too wet for a ‘dressing gown dash’ so it will be another plank for me for today.

As the builders are returning tomorrow for a week I guess I’ll be back to hiding under beds again.

4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 5. A step back”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve injured yourself Lucy – join the club (shuffles along injury bench to make room).

    I ran 3mls last Thursday – my first run since mid-December when I injured my left achilles. All seemed fine afterwards – no tightness or soreness. So on Saturday I went for another run. Unfortunately I had to abandon the run after 1ml and hobble home as the left achilles problem resurfaced. So I am back on the bench for a few weeks. I will probably be arranging some physio visits to get it looked at. And depressingly, I took the obvious decision to cancel my Bath half-marathon entry as I knew I will not be fit enough by 2nd March.

    1. So sorry to hear this Mel. There’s something about you & Bath Half, isn’t there?? Definitely the sensible decision for you though, you can heal & recover without any pressure of an upcoming race.

      Thanks for the room on the injury bench – it’s feeling okay again today, but I do have another niggle (probably related) which I really ought to get sorted out at some point. Humpf!

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve another niggle as well as the ‘elite afleet’ one. Go on – get it seen to (you know it makes sense). Just got off the phone to AXA PPP (private cover) and physio treatment is covered by the policy. But I need to get a referral from the doctor first so just been on the phone to them too.

    Yes – me and the Bath Half just don’t seem to get on do we? If I get this injury sorted and recover from the C2C walk in July, maybe I’ll move to the next letter in the alphabet and do the Cricklade HM in the autumn instead.

    1. Sounds like a plan – I’d love to do Cricklade this year so maybe see you there 🙂

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