Janathon Day 23. Balls and the art of Zen Running



Tennis balls, of course. After being advised by the very lovely Lucy Lemon to try sitting on a tennis ball (in place of a foam roller) to find the sore bits in my backside and massage them out, I finally found a tennis ball in the garage and proceeded to try it. I can report that I managed to find the sore bit, and amused the young tabby cat greatly by rolling around on said ball whilst wincing.

I then tackled my 6th day of the ’30 day Shred’ DVD, my 3rd day on level 2. This is still proving challenging, so I thought I’d wear my Heart Rate monitor to see if my heart rate was going up any where near my maximum. It didn’t (which sadly means I guess I should be working harder at the DVD – gulp), and my Garmin calculated I’d burnt off 154 calories (which doesn’t sound very much).

What was amusing was that my Garmin had automatically locked onto GPS satelites and had been ‘tracking’ me as I did my exercise. Considering I never moved from in front of the telly, it calculated I managed to run 1.73 miles.

Zen Running
Zen Running

This was obviously a very Zen workout – ‘In order to run, you must stand still’.


4 thoughts on “Janathon Day 23. Balls and the art of Zen Running”

  1. Love the Garmin data! I hope the tennis ball helped…I do always feel ridiculous doing it! Pretty sure that even my hamster gave me a horrified look the other day.

    1. Bless the pets!!! Not sure if it’s helping or not, but it is a ‘good’ sort of wince rather than a bad one so hopefully it is!

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