Janathon Day 19. Finding those Important Armpit Muscles

It’s not often that a January Sunday morning sees me up and dressed in just a sports bra and short-shorts holding 2 tins of baked beans, but today was that day.  It was time for day 2 of my ’30 Day Shred’ DVD.

Same as yesterday, it only took 20 minutes but by the end I was sweating like a sweaty thing. It’s hard work but as well as building my fitness up I’m also learning lots of Americanisms. I knew what my ‘tooshie’ was, but I never knew where my ‘pooch’ was. Anyone care to hazard a guess???

The use of cans of beans (instead of dumbells) for some of the exercises has had a strange effect. I learnt I have some muscles that seem to be situated just above my armpits. I discovered these when I was vigorously washing my hands -ow! Hand washing muscles – I don’t remember learning about those in Biology!

6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 19. Finding those Important Armpit Muscles”

  1. Go Lucy! I’m a little bit terrified by the sound of the Shred. Love that you’re discovering new muscles though – I had no idea I possessed those!

    1. It *is* a little bit terrifying, and this is only workout Level 1 (of 3) I hate to think where else I’ll discover muscles on levels 2 & £!

  2. I know what your ‘tooshie’ is (or ‘tush’ as I know it .. thanks to ZZ Top). But I have no idea what your ‘pooch’ is .. care to enlighten us? (you can PM me if it’s not really for general consumption!). As for your hand-washing muscles near your amrpits .. pectorals maybe?

    1. I gather my ‘pooch’ is the wobbly bit below my belly button, so my ‘lower abs’ I guess. Pectorals sounds more likely the name for the muscles than ‘armpit muscles’, but I couldn’t describe where they were more accurately!

      1. Right. I wonder how a wobbly, below belly button bit becomes known as a pooch? The mind boggles. As long as you don’t confuse your pooch with your puppies you’ll be okay! 😉

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