Janathon Day 10. Hamstrings.

Feeling more and more disappointed about not running today.  Everything I pick up and read is about running (curse you Twitter,  and copy of Runner’s World in the toilet!) Tonight I have done a small amount of hamstring stretches whilst trying to feel if it’s stretching things too much or not.

Realised I need to do some form of cardiovascular exercise whilst I’m not running,  otherwise it will be sooooo hard to start running again. Really not keen on swimming,  so I guess it’ll have to be cycling.  Unfortunately my heavyy old ‘happy shopper’ bike is still buried in the garage under builder’s stuff and dust sheets.

The builders are due to go next week so hopefully then I can get back out on the road.  Unless any one has any ideas of any other forms of exercise I could be doing???

2 thoughts on “Janathon Day 10. Hamstrings.”

  1. If it’s likely to be medium term, I suggest vying a floatation belt and trying aqua jogging. Kept me sane while I was off, though possibly not suitable if it’s a muscle injury. Mine was impact averse only.

    1. I have done aqua jogging before, so I must have the belt somewhere still (probably in the garage hiding under the same dust sheets as the bike). It kept me fit whilst trying to train for a marathon without running (not recommended BTW) but I did find it most dreadfully dull. I’m hoping this niggle isn’t going to take too long to heal (fingers crossed…)

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