Janathon. It’s a bit like tax. Day 1

You know how no one can remember the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance, other than one is illegal and the other isn’t? Well I’ve decided Janathon is rather like that. Slacking is not an option, but a certain creativity in exercise is encouraged. It’s a fine line!

Bearing in mind I’m starting the year full of cold, I’m ruling out running, swimming and cycling for the moment. I suspect “getting up and going to work” won’t be allowed (slacking!) so I’m starting the year trying to work on my core (creative!).

With this in mind, day 1 consisted of 2 sets of 20 slow mountain climbers. Less fun than they sound, less mountains involved, but still something I would have avoided if I hadn’t been Janathon-ing, so I reckon that counts.

Onward and upwards. Sniff!

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