In the Bleak Mid Winter ….

In the Bleak Mid Winter 
Tum ti tum ti tum
Earth as hard as Iron
Water like a stone

No, not snow on my trainers, but very heavy frost. Brrr – a very cold 30 minutes this morning. As I ran past a friendly dog walker this morning he said, as though stating a fact “You’re mad”. “Yup” was all I could reply.

So that’s Week 3 Run 1 ticked off. Schedule said “30 min FR” which means ‘Fartlek run’ which means ‘Speed play’ apparently. Still makes me snigger – very childish!
I had set off in search of grass & fields to run on, to save my legs after my diagnosis over the weekend (with Dr Google) of the start of Shin Splints. However, the weather was against me, and the ‘Earth as hard as iron’ part of the carol above was particularly appropriate. The good news is despite this minor set back, my shins felt fine. However the cold did mean my gloves stayed on for the entire run, and the zip of my gilet stayed right up to the top until I was safely back indoors.
Off to build up my courage and phone the local running shop about gait analysis for a new pair of shoes (my & Dr Google’s prescription for my shin splints). The last time I was in there, getting my very first ever pair of running shoes, was also the first time I’d ever run on a treadmill. Not a good experience, and the fact that the lady was nearly holding onto my arm to stop me falling off was somewhat embarrassing. I’m sure it will be fine this time. Won’t it????
Wish me luck!

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