I think I was a bit keen entering this one …

So I only run one 5K race a year, and I was keen to enter again this year as I’m determined to crack that sub 30. Think I was rather keen, as you can see from my race number above!
Sadly, not a chance of it being my finish position, but if if I beat that 30 minute barrier I won’t care. Its a lovely route, along the river in Chippenham, up the cycle path and back through a housing estate. Last year’s problem was that the path is narrow in places so its difficult to pass people. Myself and my running partner weren’t paying attention before the start either, and as we chatted most of the field shuffled in front of us. We won’t let that happen this year! Mid July is the race – fingers crossed!

One thought on “I think I was a bit keen entering this one …”

  1. It’s true! As the aforementioned running partner I share the responsibility – we were chatting too much before the ‘off’ and thinking we could start steadily and pick off the other runners. Then found the narrow path put paid to that idea. We are sharpening our elbows in readiness for this year’s race. On a personal note, I will pull in my stomach as we try to get nearer the front in an attempt to look like a proper ‘haff leet’. I think B&T and I are agreed – we’ll make a mad dash for the corner of the field where the path starts and then try and hang on in there :o)

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