First Thoughts on the Bristol to Bath Marathon 2015

So yesterday was my third marathon – the Bristol to Bath. Just some quick thoughts on what was a fantastic day.

My first marathon I ran in 2012 after missing 5 weeks of training through injury and with a longest run of 14 miles. I finished in a time of 6:07.

My second was run in 2013 after great training, but I never really felt right in the race. I had a huge wobble at mile 14, another at mile 17, really struggled after that but was pleased to finish in 5:25.

Yesterday’s was a strange one. I couldn’t really get psyched up for it beforehand, so I decided to think of it as just another long training run. It was a training run with people applauding me and telling me how well I was doing. What an ego boost! I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it, even the hills and after overtaking the 5 hour pacers I finished in 4:56:54. This is 29 minutes faster than my time at Brighton. Amazing!

It was fantastic to meet so many lovely ladies from the Run Mummy Run group before and during the race, but I mostly ran on my own and just enjoyed the route and the sights.

I’ll post more when I’ve digested it all and found some more photos.

Run Mummy Run Socks

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Thanks to Lynsey Miles for this photo



2 thoughts on “First Thoughts on the Bristol to Bath Marathon 2015”

  1. Woweeee what a PB! Amazing work. I sneakily looked at the results page to see how you’d done, so it’s great to hear what you felt about it too.

    Was it a well organised race? How were the hills? It’s the first time they’ve done it isn’t it?

    1. Thank you! More to come in another post, but yes it was the first time, yes there were hills and yes it was well organised. Still gathering my thoughts (and polishwing my mal!)

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