Did it! I am a Marathoner!


So I did it! I survived! 26.2 Miles – done! I have done the London Marathon, I have the medal and am (still) wearing the T-shirt. Truth be told, I only took my medal off because I realised I’d got sunburn on the back of my neck and the ribbon was rubbing it.

It took me 6:07, I took my little walk breaks every mile as planned, and I ran the last couple of miles, passing so many walkers. My husband and kids managed to dash around London and see me SIX TIMES! (I think they deserved a medal as well.) The noise and support from the crowds was great, although at times I did find it a little over whelming. Well, I run on my own, usually on little country lanes with just a few cars, tractors and the wildlife to keep me company.

I need to write a proper race report, if only to get it all straight in my head. I also have various pictures my husband took along the way.

But the main thing is phew and hooray! Did it!

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