Brace yourself – Juneathon’s coming!

Just to warn you, with the 1st of June comes the start of Juneathon. Yes, the month long festival of exercise, blogging and excuses. No slacking allowed, but creativity in your daily exercise is highly encouraged!

I’m afraid all of my spare time this week (and quite a large proportion of time I should have been doing important ‘stuff’) has actually been taken up with our two new arrivals. May I introduce Luna and Neville


At eight weeks old they are fluffy and gorgeous, full of energy until they suddenly flop down and fall asleep. Sofas have been conquered,  curtains climbed, newspapers shredded,  and Billy (our lovely Tabby boy) has been incredibly restrained.

"Are they still here?"

I hope to do lots of running this Juneathon. I expect the blogging will be hard work, however something tells me those kittens will be making a regular appearance. A month of kitten pictures, anyone?

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