Boars again – getting scary!

After a wild boar was seen near one of my usual running routes earlier in the week, I was scared to see the errant boar has struck again.

The Gazette and Herald reported it as “Wild boar charges at dog walker in Chippenham”

The good news is that the boar was further away from my running routes this time.
The bad news is that 1. it charged at a man with a dog this time, and 2. its now much closer to my children’s school.

However, every cloud has a silver whatsit, so I was amused to read that the honest dog walker confessed “It started charging towards me and I screamed like a girl.” Good man!

A wild boar on the run
A example of a running Boar – photo from the Gazette and Herald

It sounds like the boar was seen on the route the children have to go along when they’re sent out cross country running. That will make the little oiks speed up – a great threat in the tradition of releasing the school leopard, (from Ripping Yarns*)

Need to plan my 10 miler for tomorrow – maybe I’ll make sure I avoid this area.

* Google it if you don’t know the reference

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