Bargains bargains bargains!

Everyone loves a bargain, and everyone loves new running gear. (Well, most runners love new running gear. ) So, if that describes you, get yourself down to Lidl!

I popped down there yesterday when I heard they were having one of their regular promotions of running gear. I love their running socks and have been buying them over the last few years whenever they have them in. I stockpiled two pairs yesterday – well at £1.99 a pair it would be a shame not to.

New socks - not pink! Old legs -a bit pink

Whilst I was there, I couldn’t resist also buying this cool running vest.

Snazzy new vest - also not pink!

It was sold as size 10/12, so as a standard size 12 I was worried it would be too tight but at £2.99 I thought it was worth a try. It turned out to be nicely snug meaning it didn’t rub under my arms as I ran tonight. The material it is made from is fairly thin, but in the current warm weather that’s not a problem. It is also a really groovy pattern (and not pink), which pleases me greatly!

Lidl also have capri trousers in various jazzy patterns, and of course they have men’s running gear as well as women’s.

I have received no payment or freebies for writing this review, I am simply happy to recommend good, inexpensive kit.

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