Janathon 2019

After a rubbish end to 2018 (seriously- who wants to be ill for 3 weeks including over Christmas and New Year? Nobody – that’s who) I decided I’d better kickstart 2019 with Janathon.

So January 1st – 0.4 mile walk around the block just before Doctor Who. It’s a real activity- it’s on Strava and everything! I also got to finally see the most decorated house in the village this year which cheered me up immensely:-http://www.blackandtabbyruns.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/img_4218.mov

Janathon Day 29. A walk and a Wheelie Bin Hunt #2

Cold lurgy is in full flow today, but cabin fever is also setting in, so today’s Janathon activity was a successful end to the wheelie bin hunt and a walk around the block. Well, I say successful – I’m presuming it was my bin – the two cottages at the end can’t possibly have three wheelie bins between them, can they?!

The walk was an official walk (i.e. I wore my Garmin), it measured 0.6 of a Mile and took me 10 minutes. And three tissues *sniff*.

Juneathon day 29. A walk

Today’s effort was a beautiful walk in the sunshine, with my lovely husband. Doesn’t sound like much of an effort for a Juneathon activity? Well, after an evening celebrating my in-laws’ Golden Wedding Anniversary at a lovely hotel, we had to go and fetch our car from the hotel car park where it had spent the night. Perceived wisdom was to get a lift back over there then drive back, but the Juneathon way was to run or walk it.

My walking companion

So a 2 mile walk in 41 minutes* in the sunshine, along the Cornish Coastal path, hand in hand with my beloved was the way it was. Juneathon’s hard, but someone has to do it.

* I did wear my Garmin, and I did walk around the car park to make it up to 2 miles. These things also make it an official Juneathon activity.


Juneathon Day 19. Shopping.

Shopping? I hear you cry. How on earth is she going to justify that as a Juneathon activity?

Apart from obvious activities such as running, or a long bike ride, or a yoga session I like to think Juneathon is a chance to exercise when you would usually take an easier option. So cycling up to the allotment rather than going in the car counts in my book. Also (here we get to the point) does dropping the car off at the garage, not having a courtesy car or a lift but walking into town to go shopping.

To make it a more official Juneathon activity I even wore my Garmin, and so can report I walked 3.43 miles. It was good to walk, as it means I spotted this flower bed, in the Railway Village in Swindon.