Juneathon Day 23. Not a Paddle, honestly

After a rubbish night’s sleep (did I mention earlier we have builders at the moment? And roofers due to start stripping the roof this morning? And a man to spray the loft for woodworm?) I was awake at 4am and wide awake at 5am. Can’t think why. Despite trying to get comfortable, trying to relax and get back to sleep, it was no good. I decided to get up (quietly) and have a cup of tea.

Never seen this sign before in this house

As I was tip-toeing around the house sipping my tea I realised I had the chance to  go out for my first ever early morning run and still be back in time to shower before everyone else got up. Hmmm, I thought,  I might wake Mr B&T by rummaging for running kit in the bedroom drawers. Then I realised my favorite set of kit was all clean and dry in the office waiting to be put away! I was out of the house at 6.30am. It was quiet. There was a little traffic going through the village but no dog walkers or cyclists – my usual running  audience. I ran past my allotment to see how my well-watered onions were looking (all fine!), along another lane, down through a field. I was hoping to see some deer here but they were obviously all hiding. I was just taking it easy, not looking at my Garmin, just clearing my head before a busy, noisy day. As I turned onto the lane that goes up a slight hill back home I remembered it was a Strava segment and decided to push up the hill and see how it went. It felt hard but okay and I was keen to get home and upload my data to see how I did. I laughed at my Garmin track which seemed to think I’d run right through the village pond (I’m not Triathalon training thank you very much)…

I didn't paddle, honestly
I didn’t paddle, honestly

… and I practically cheered whan I saw I’d taken a new CR on the Strava Segment (That’s a “Course Record” which means I’m the fastest female on that particular stretch of run.)

New Course Record!
New Course Record!