Juneathon Day 28. Solitude

After a pathetic day yesterday, today had to be different. Today had to be a proper Juneathon activity. That I had to put some effort in!

Today also meant running away from a houseful, before an evening ‘do’ involving lots of people. I need my solitude. Today’s run felt rather sneaky, slipping out of the house in my running gear on my own. The sun felt warm on my cold arms, the wind playfully blew drips of water off the trees onto me, I saw and smelt the sea and felt wonderful. Then the rain started for real. Fat heavy drops that soaked me instantly, splashed off the dry earth and made everything smell wonderfully fresh. It was one of those runs that are too short, that make you decide to just go back up that hill and down again, and maybe round the corner.

It was only three miles, but it felt like further. Fantastic – and how much better than how I felt at the end of Thursday’s race.