New shoes

New shoes vs old shoes. Spot the difference!

Checked my Garmin stats, and saw I’d run 385 miles in my Asics GT2170 turquoise and lime beauties. This included the London Marathon, a 5k race, a 10k race and 2 half marathons.Was it time for some new shoes?

Well, odd twinges and aches are most unwelcome after running (not going to name them as I’m in denial) but in my opinion can often be cured by new shoes. Sometimes. Maybe. Worth a try, anyway.

So I ordered the shoes, same as last time as these have been so good. Went to collect them, and found these purple beauties waiting for me. Fantastic! (and a much more practical colour for Winter training!)  Thought they deserved a new pair of socks for their first run, dug my last pair of brand-new-supermarket-cheapy-but-great socks and what do you know? Turns out they are white and purple too.

I’ve never been so co-ordinated!

Sadly though, the washing machine seems to have eaten one of my fantastic new purple socks. How does that happen?