Juneathon Day 7. The pathetic one

The first week of Juneathon has been great. Lots of energy, lots of exercise, lots of smugness. Weekends are always my downfall. My first lie-in for weeks with no cats or kids crashing in meant that park run was a no-no.

We had to go to a local pub to help a friend celebrate his birthday, and what with one thing and another I didn’t have time to walk down. Well, not the whole way. On the drive down I got my husband to drop me off and I gently jogged the last 5 minutes. Yes it was only 5 minutes, yes it was downhill, and yes it was in jeans with my handbag tucked under my arm. However it was something I wouldn’t have bothered doing if it wasn’t Juneathon so I’ll take that for today.

It was getting dark on the lane so extra hardcore points