Janathon Day 31. Goodbye Janathon.

The last day of Janathon. Woo hoo! Should I end with a damp squib of a plank? Or do (yet) another session of my DVD (I swear Jillian Michael’s eyes follow me around the room from the DVD case). Maybe another bike ride (but cycle shorts are still damp on the radiator from yesterday, and I’m not hardcore enough to put them on on that state). I know – I’LL GO FOR A RUN!!!

In the interests of resting my niggle (yawn), I haven’t run since 3rd January! I have missed running, and I was anxious to see how four weeks of ‘just’ cross training would have affected it (and me).

So off I went this morning. I set off at full pelt for a quick blast around my 3 mile loop. It was cold, it was slippy, it was muddy under foot. It was glorious. I ran 3.11 miles in just under 30 minutes, which included re-tying a shoe lace TWICE and a little chat with a neighbour (the problem of running through the small village you live in).

So it’s goodbye Janathon, and welcome back running!