Attempted Sabotage

Finally completed a full week of my marathon training. After running just 3 miles (in total) last week, today”s long run of 10 miles did feel hard at times, especially after runs earlier in the week of 4,5 and 3 miles.

I managed not to see the boar despite running right by where it was seenĀ Read here if you missed my boar news . I managed to wear my lovely new running jacket, and then got too hot after just 2 miles and had to stash it in a hedge for retrieval on the way home. I managed to get all round town still feeling quite sprightly.

However, when turning for home, I found the following lying in wait on the pavement:-

Banana splits

Now I may be paranoid, but instantly I thought someone was trying to sabotage my long run. I may have watched too much slapstick slipping-on-a-banana-skin gags when I was younger. An alternative suggestion is that someone has been playing Mario Kart for real.

Whatever the reason for the bananas, I managed to avoid them and made it safely home to tick another run off my schedule.

Roll on Week 7!