Juneathon Day 19. Are my legs still talking to me?

After yesterday’s unexpectedly long run, I was a little worried my legs wouldn’t be speaking to me. They certainly creaked a little as I crawled out of bed this morning. However a busy, packed day meant I had no time for procrastination so I got dressed and headed out.

Just 3 easy easy miles was planned, and feeling the heavy, muggy air as I stepped out I had no intention of deviating from that plan. My right shin had a little moan at one point which is always a tad worrying, so I had a little chat to my legs and all was well.

I have learnt the careful art of leg-whispering from my mentor, the pro-cyclist and legend Jens Voigt. Please do view his instructional video below:-

Jens Voigt talking to his legs