This is how I feel today

After feeling gloomy in my last post, I’m very happy to report that I’m feeling Good again! A brief flash of sunshine has helped, along with running again, eating better and getting slightly more sleep. The sleep thing is in the process of being sorted, as it’s currently being sabotaged by this fellow:-

Sleep Saboteur
Sleep Saboteur

Yes, he looks very cute when he’s asleep, but unfortunately he’s been waking up earlier and earlier and being a Mummy’s boy comes straight to tell me all about it. Loudly. Yesterday it was at 6.20 am when my alarm is actually set for 7.00am. If yowling loudly doesn’t get me up, he jumps up onto my bedside table and knocks the cat-drinking-prevention-device from the top of my water (I put a coaster on top of my glass to stop him drinking from it). If that doesn’t work, his latest trick is to carefully pat at each object on my bedside table until it falls onto the floor. Cue me grumpily and myopically searching around for my glasses yesterday morning and eventually finding them under the bed.

Anyway, despite this feline-induced sleep deprivation, I still feel good. I ran 3 times last week with a long run that was meant to be 8 miles but ending up being 9.5 miles. I got out on my bike at the weekend, with both children (this is a major achievement!) To top it all, I set out to run 4 miles yesterday, along an out-and-back route I run at least once a week, determined to push it just a little, to run “comfortably hard”. When I got back and uploaded my data onto Strava I was delighted to spot that I’d run it the segment heading back home in my 2nd fastest time ever. I was even more pleased to see that the only time I’d run it faster was in a race, last year.

Right – pass the race directory – I’m ready to enter some races!