To My Husband

To the long suffering Mr B&T, I need to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for the best Christmas present of 2012. My lovely new running jacket. Its light, non-rustley, soft, warm, waterproof and such a great colour (most important!)

I was trying to *only* get the jacket in – please excuse the gormless look

Best of all, it means I can set off for runs on cold and frosty mornings (like yesterday) feeling comfortable and relaxed, rather than hunched and cold. It means if I spot the sunrise and some cold frosty sheep through the hedge, I feel like stopping and taking photographs of them rather than keeping my head down and shivering on by.

Bet the sheep wish they had a jacket like mine

So sorry, the jacket will mean more photographs of frozen fields and sunrises. Taking them makes little ‘easy’ 3 mile runs (like yesterday) feel like more of an adventure.

Just need to find my better gloves now to sort out the frozen fingers I got as a result of taking this photo. Well, it is my birthday soon.