Juneathon day 29. DOMS.

So much for thinking about finishing Juneathon on a high. So much for idly planning to maybe attend my first ever Parkrun this weekend. No, today DOMS has hit with a vengeance after Thursday’s 10K PB. In particular my shins are sore, probably caused by tight calves from running in the cold.

So as I have an eye on my annual 5K race next week I decided to be sensible and not run today. Instead I worked in the garden for an hour and a half, and by worked I mean heavy work (digging out the back of the pond) rather than flitting around in a summery dress with a trug and a pair of secateurs. I also ‘planked’ for a minute and 10 seconds.

My shins are still sore now, but hopefully I’ll manage a little plod tomorrow to celebrate (commiserate?) the end of Juneathon.