The First Rule of Marathon Club

The First Rule of Marathon Club is … you do not talk about Marathon Club.

No, not that rule. The other First Rule of Marathon Club.


Now if you don’t know that rule, you’re going to get into all kinds of trouble. Rubbing, blisters, chafing and other assorted unpleasantnesses. Of course I know this rule. Before every race I’ve run so far I have always worn my complete race day outfit at least once beforehand to make sure everything is comfortable. My shoes are always well broken in, but not broken down. Gold star for me.

So obviously, this is why I was out running today in a brand new pair of shoes, when the marathon is next weekend. It is also why I have no idea what I’m actually going to wear on marathon day.

My current trainers have had a hole wearing in the back of them for a couple of months now. Asics GT2170s – the shoe that meant I could run the London Marathon last year after all. However Asics, in their wisdom, have updated the GT2170 and transformed it into the GT2000. Ever cautious I wanted to have the new style fitted at my favourite running shop to check that the fit was as good as the last pair. However guess which size they didn’t have in? Yes, a UK 7. Guess which size they still hadn’t had in by the time we went on holiday last week? Yes – a UK 7.

I returned from holiday, with shoes I can only run in now if I wear big blister plasters on the back of my heels and a feeling of desperation starting to grow. Nowhere had my size in stock in my faithful GT2170s, and I was growing ever more nervous about ordering a shore online that I hadn’t had the experts check me running in. Thanks to the wonders of t’interweb I finally managed to find what must be the last pair of GT2170s in size UK 7 in the UK. Thanks to the lovely Val at Sporties Online despite telling me I’d missed the post for that day she somehow still managed to get these shoes to me by the very next day. Cue one very happy B&T bouncing out for a short run this morning to check how they feel. Happy to report they feel fine, so will try and get a few more runs in them and then wear them on the big day.

Now – what about the rest of my marathon day outfit? The problem here is that the weather has been so cold ever since my training began that I think I’ve only ventured out in anything less than long tights, long sleeved top and jacket or gilet maybe just the once. Since I have no idea what race day weather will be I still have no idea what I should wear.

When I do finally decide which top to wear, I have already ordered some iron-on letters so I can emblazen my name across my chest. See – organised in some respects!