Juneathon Day 11. Back to Abs

So the reason I didn’t run today had nothing to do with the weather. Oh no, no fair weather runner, me.

Well, okay, I will confess that my heart did droop a little when I saw the rain this morning. But it drooped lower when I realised my calves felt tight.  I will NOT have shin splints again -I refuse!  So I decided best not to risk anything, so not to run today but to do … something else.

Cue another DVD with an Abs workout. Cue another American lady with a strange voice. Cue me lying on the carpet with cats looking on, worried as to whether I’ll be able to get back up and feed them later.


I still haven’t worked out if she’s referring to my “littl’ belly” or my “low’r belly”.

Ah well –  job done. Cats relieved that dinner will appear tonight.  Abs knackered for tomorrow, and all’s well with the world.

Juneathon Day 8 – struggling with weekends

I usually run in the mornings, when everyone else has left the house and I get some time on my own. I always knew therefore that weekends were going to be tricky for Juneathon.

After a lazy Saturday morning, where the only activity was popping into town dropping daughter off for her ‘stay awake over’ and a spot of shopping, I made the mistake of sitting on the sofa.  I was promptly pinned down by a very large tabby.


Apparently sitting with your feet on a copy of Runner’s World doesn’t count for #Juneathon.

After a nap with a lovely warm lap, me and the boy (son not cat) headed outside to assemble our new bench. This didn’t take long so I still couldn’t kid myself I’d done my Juneathon activity for the day.

So I got off the sofa and dug the Abs DVD out again.  My stomach was still sore from Thursday’s session, but I stuck it out (the workout, not my stomach).

I even didn’t mind the annoying lady’s voice as much this time, as each time she said something like “keep this up and you’ll soon have your six pack”, my son would say “she really wants her beer!”

Race day tomorrow – better drink some water and get my stuff sorted!