“Walk up the hills and there’s plenty of food”

Sounds like a great combination, doesn’t it? As a running event I’d always vote for walking up hills and having lots of food. Oh and small events where you’ll always know someone. These were the best bits about ultra running, according to @abradypus (otherwise known as Louise). On Friday afternoon I was delighted to be sat in our local farm shop and cafe with the very lovely and chatty Louise and her husband. They were on their way to Wales and suggested we meet up for a coffee (which turned into a cream tea. Yum). She was telling me what she loves about ultra running, amongst many other random things we chatted about. It was all sounding great, apart from the actual distances you have to cover. For someone who only started running in 2011 she has come a long way!

This weekend Louise is competing in the 100Km ‘Race to the Stones’. I’d like to wish her a great race, with people she knows, lots of uphill walking and good food at the pitstops. I’m sure she’ll be blogging about the race over at abradypus.wordpress.com so do pay her blog a visit.