Juneathon Day 16. Making Up for Yesterday

After yesterday’s slack day I thought I’d better make up for it today. 4 miles with 2 hills was a good start to the day.

As I ran I was struck by how running was an activity of contrasts. I set off thinking what a lovely temperature it was – just warm without being hot. By the time I staggered back I was dripping and cursing the sun.

I ran through thigh high grass enjoying the cool, tickly feeling on my legs then thought “I must check I haven’t picked up a tick when I get home”.

I was overjoyed to be greeted by the kittens when I got home, and also Tibbs, the big tabby boy. There was a lovely moment of temporary truce as they all shared the kitchen, followed by a hiss frenzy as Nev cracked, and patted Tibbs’s twitching tail. Ah well, one day they’ll get along.

Uneasy truce
Uneasy truce

Update. I was so ashamed of Monday’s Juneathon I thought I’d better redeem myself. So as well as the morning’s run, I went to the Chippenham Wheelers Midsummer Bike Ride in the evening with husband and son. Husband shot off whilst me and son worked out how few laps we could legitimately do before we could stop for a snack. 3 was the answer we decided upon, so we stopped for the food of champions.
image We did manage another 2 laps after that, but my son was tired so we headed home. In total we cycled 20 miles, which after my hilly morning run I was happy with.

Brace yourself – Juneathon’s coming!

Just to warn you, with the 1st of June comes the start of Juneathon. Yes, the month long festival of exercise, blogging and excuses. No slacking allowed, but creativity in your daily exercise is highly encouraged!

I’m afraid all of my spare time this week (and quite a large proportion of time I should have been doing important ‘stuff’) has actually been taken up with our two new arrivals. May I introduce Luna and Neville


At eight weeks old they are fluffy and gorgeous, full of energy until they suddenly flop down and fall asleep. Sofas have been conquered,  curtains climbed, newspapers shredded,  and Billy (our lovely Tabby boy) has been incredibly restrained.

"Are they still here?"

I hope to do lots of running this Juneathon. I expect the blogging will be hard work, however something tells me those kittens will be making a regular appearance. A month of kitten pictures, anyone?