Running with Boars?

“Wild boar seen near Allington triggers alarm”

Just spotted this in our local paper. This is on one of my regular running routes. It wasn’t bad enough that I had to run round that area last year passing notices about a ‘Lost Rottweiler’ whilst trying not to think of a lost (and by now quite hungry) rottie. Now I have a wild boar to worry about as well.

However, not to worry – I have just been reassured by the final sentence in the report:-

“The boar was not caught but police have not received calls about it since.”

Well that’s okay then! Maybe I’d better practice some sprinting …

Oh Bullocks!

So I ended up at this gateway…

Having to wade through here…

In order to avoid the footpath that runs along the other side of the hedge here…

Sadly the camera on my phone is too rubbish for you to be able to see that peering through the hedge is a whole herd of bullocks. I spotted them in the field that the footpath runs through, and took a tactical long cut into the next door field. As I ran with the hedge separating us, I could hear the whole herd galloping (do bullocks gallop? Don’t know, but it sounded like it) on their side of the hedge, parallel to me.

Somewhat scary, not least because a woman was killed by a herd of cows recently in Chippenham, and also because I’m a complete wuss.

Must go and wash my new trainers. Again.

Things I saw today on my Long Run

Lovely long run today, all of 10 miles, up to Chippenham, then down to Lacock by the old canal. Haven’t been down here for months, as the last time (back at the start of February) was when I did for my shin. Time to exorcise (exercise?) some ghosts, I thought.

As ever, I spotted lots of interesting things whilst running:-
– A deer on the other side of the river,
– 4 young squirrels on the path who haven’t learnt to be afraid of people yet,
– Lots of tourists in Lacock, many of whom now have photographs of the beautiful village with me in Lycra ruining the view. Sorry about that!

However the only sight I got my phone out to capture, was a road sign. A small path down between what was once a factory and the river, “Lovers Walk” conjures up, for me, gentle images of courting couples strolling hand in hand. The best bit about this sign though, is the graffiti neatly added in blue capitals (just visible in the photo if you look really hard). With this addition, the sign now reads:-

“Lovers Walk BUT NOT IN A GAY WAY”

Torn between speechless and giggling, all I can say is Mary Whitehouse is obviously alive and well, and living in Wiltshire!

No More Moaning (for today!)

Sat down and read back my last few blog posts last night, and it even made *me* depressed! So, enough moaning, let’s have some positive thoughts & vibes here (man!)

I survived Monday’s epic 2 mile run, and by Tuesday my leg was still okay. Still a little sore, but definitely walk-on-able. More stretching and icing, and a decision made. I investigated the latest date to defer my entry for VLM. Turns out, the latest date is 22nd April 2012 – which is Race Day! This means I can continue to train for now and can literally decide at the last minute that its not feasible to do it. (You’re not allowed to defer if you actually start the race!)

Although this may be just putting off the awful decision I actually feel much happier, as I have a plan in place now, and a definite date to aim towards. As I was feeling happy I decided I would try (again!) to get some new shoes. Do you think these are bright enough?

Look nice! Thanks for the photo, Sweatshop 🙂

Actually, I haven’t got them yet – they’re being posted to me. Good things come to those who wait – so after spending around 2 hours in the shop, and then waiting for them to arrive, that MUST mean they’re going to be good!

Came home, and was inspired to pull on my (old) trainers. Optimistically set off for 3 miles – and survived! Leg was a little stretchy-sore again, but I stopped after every mile to have a stretch and then walked for a minute. Iced and ibuprofen when I got home. It was okay last night, and certainly no sorer than usual this morning.

It is lovely to be out in the fresh air again (even if it was murky-foggy air) and one incident reminded me especially of how much I love running in the countryside where I live. Running down a track with hedges on each side, I heard a rustling under the hedge on my left just ahead of me. I slowed down and saw a small bird running (looked like a young pheasant maybe) and then a hawk swooped down from the top of the hedge and sank its claws into the young bird’s back! At the sound of my shuffling feet the hawk stopped, turned, looked at me, and the released the bird and flew off. The young bird looked stunned at its escape and scuttled off to hide under a different hedge instead.

You don’t see that driving around in your car!