Juneathon Day 11. A down, an up, a phone call and a chat.

I finally caught up with a few other Juneathon blogs today, and one in particular made me think. Jogblog, (who with her other hat on is Ms Juneathon) wrote about 5 WAYS TO MAKE THE MOST OF JUNEATHON. She reminded me that Juneathon is meant to be fun, and that it’s good to interact with other ‘athoners on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll try and keep this in mind.

After another busy day I finally made it out for a short run. To make it worth my while putting the lycra on I decided to run down the hill and back up again. However after getting up the steep bit my phone rang, and I had a chat with my builder (who must have thought he’d phoned a heavy breather the way I was panting). I ran on, and then bumped into my neighbours who I needed to have a chat with. Finally I got back home. A short run turned into quite a slow one!

Kitten lesson of the day is how to sleep.

Fluffy stomach

It's the paw again

Even the big cat is getting in on it:-

Juneathon Day 7. A race not run

Yesterday was the Chippenham Harriers 5 mile race. I was there, bright and early, but I wasn’t running. Oh no, for the first time I was shouldering my new found responsibilities as a club member and I had volunteered to help.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, but I was helping give out running numbers and chips so I was inside the cool of the rugby club. It was a busy morning, I didn’t see any of the race, but I saw the red faced runners returning saying what a good race it was and how hot it was.

Much later on, husband asked if I fancied going to the pub. I’d seen runners supping on cold pints of lager after the race and had fancied one since then. Then I remembered I hadn’t yet run for the day, so I snuck in a quick run with a small hill, and then really enjoyed my beer.


Kittens eating in the same room as big cat. Progress!

Random kitten update.

Juneathon Day 4. Club ‘social’ run

So a run isn’t very sociable when you run 6.5 of the 7 miles on your own. However I did chat to several people beforehand, and afterwards which was definitely sociable. I also found I ran faster, and for longer, knowing I had people to catch up with (I didn’t). I also surprised myself with how well I ran in the heat (yesterday was summer). Therefore I’m declaring this run a success, sociable or not. (I chatted to a guy at the end who said guiltily “we do all tend to get a bit competitive on Thursday runs”. I’ll not argue with that).

In Kitten News, the boys have been showing they have no concept of gender sterotyping by both squeaking girl-ily whilst running around with, respectively, a small pink fabric mouse and a pink fabric ball in their mouths.

It's the paws that slay me everytime

Juneathon Day 3. Run. Dig. Plod.

Day 3 of Juneathon called for something a little easier on the legs after last night’s speed session, so I decided to hark back to Juneathons of old, and incorporate some allotmenteering. I ran the three quarters of a mile up there, sighed quite a lot at the state of my small jungle, and dug weeds for 50 minutes. I then gratefully put away my garden fork and set off for home. I’m not sure if it was the unaccustomed digging, or just being out in the sunshine, but the ‘scenic route’ home again (just over a mile) felt so much harder. Actually, the several inches of mud clumped onto the bottom of my old trail shoes from the allotment could have had something to do with it.

Anyone want some shocking kitten news? The kittens had their first vet visit last night for their vaccinations, and on giving them both a check over the Vet declared that our pretty girl fluffy Luna … is actually a boy. Oh.

The boys. Just chillin'

I guess we need a new name for her him now -any ideas?