Bye bye 2012

So that’s 2012 done – quite a good year, running wise, for me.

In total, I ran 630 miles – just over 100 miles more than in 2011 (even with 5 weeks out injured.) I went out running 127 times and spent 120 hours with my running shoes on my feet.

I set new PBs at 5K and half marathon distance, and completed my first marathon. I missed out on a chance to set a new 10K PB on the pancake flat course that my current PB was set on, but I did set a better time for a ‘road’ 10K.

So, moving onto 2013, time to think about new goals. I have another marathon to work towards, and my main goals are to complete the training without injury, and to complete the race in a time that starts with a 5, rather than 6.

Anything else will be a bonus!

So Happy New Year to you all, may we all have a year of great running and new PBs.

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